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At EZ Business Funding we are business cash advance leaders and the first name in the merchant cash advance industry. When you need a cash advance for business operations of any kind, EZ Business Funding is the name to remember.

With EZ Business Funding, small to mid-sized business owners in need of a cash advance for their business, now have a stress-free alternative lending solution to borrowing from banks. EZ Business Funding provides businesses with immediate cash advances and secured loans electronically transferred into their business account without the requirements for personal collateral or strict remittance. Late payment fees? Don’t worry about it, remittance is through a percentage of your future Visa, Mastercard, and other future credit card sales and receipts, enabling you to focus on using your money to increasing sales.

Conventional loans can cause restrictions on a small business borrowers. Secured loans require collateral until the loan is paid off. This can cause considerable strain to the borrower’s cash flow during the remittance process, especially for seasonal businesses.

Some business owners in the past have simply given up on their dream of product and plant expansions, equipment upgrades, or renovations due to bad credit history or recent denial of credit. With EZ Business Funding, the good news is that credit history is not the only approval factor in obtaining a business cash advance. Less than perfect credit is okay, 80% of all business merchants are prequalified and approved and funded within 10 working days.

A strict remittance schedule is a great pressure for taking out a small business loan. The borrower is tied to a contract with terms they may not understand. Regardless of unforeseen economical events, the borrower is locked into this contract and must may the payments, even if the business revenue is slow and low.

At EZ Business Funding, we are paid through the future credit card receivable. This means that your remittance of the loan is directly connected to your sales volume so if you have a slow month, your payments will be lower as well. Small business owners like this positive impact feature has on their cash flow.

Emergency Funding & Working Capital Provided
Through Cash Advances For Business

EZ Business Funding offers peace of mind to the small business owner by providing you with the working capital needed to today’s ever changing economic situation. Use the funds for your own specific spending purposes. Additionally, unlike other bank loan alternatives you’ve been considering, many of which require a personal guarantee, our unconventional, no pressure, no collateral, no liens, unlimited plan offers borrowers a custom financing solution with manageable, flexible repayment options so you can concentrate on running your business.

Approval for a EZ Business Funding business advance is fast and easy. We approve over 80% of the applicants that apply, in which they receive a quick cash advance within ten business days. Our Pre Qualification Process is very simple. If you currently are accepting Visa/MasterCard credit cards, and have an average of at least $2,500 in monthly sales for the last six months, EZ Business Funding is the solution to any small business financing needs. Submit your last four consecutive months statements from VISA/MasterCard and meet our basic underwriting requirements. In about 10 ten days, you should have the business cash advance your applying for. It is that easy. Unlike dealing with the pitfalls of applying for a loan, with EZ Business Funding, your ability to qualify for other financing is not affected.

Call us at (800) 997-2481 to pre-qualify in minutes. Complete our quick and easy 3 minute application form.

Every business finds itself in the need of a cash advance for business operations at some point and when they do they call EZ Business Funding, the business cash advance and merchant cash advance leaders.