Business Cash Advance

Getting business working capital has never been more convenient. EZ Business Funding specializes in putting business cash in the hands of today’s small business owner by simplifying the entire process of obtaining business cash advances for your business.

Advance Emergency Funding & Secured, Equipment,
Fast & Small Business Loans

Use your EZ cash advance for any business purpose, including:

  • Purchasing Inventory
  • Remodeling or Expansion
  • Purchasing or Repairing Equipment
  • Paying Off Debt or Overdue Taxes
  • Unforeseen Business Expenses
  • Emergency Business Funding

Here at EZ Business Funding we pride ourselves on our ability to secure funding for any type of business or economic situation. When other banks or institutions turn down your request, EZ Business Funding is here to help get you the funding you need to stay in business because we specialize in helping the small to mid-sized business merchant by providing easy financing alternatives without the strict requirements and complicated application process of conventional money lenders.

Our business cash advance programs succeed where banks and traditional lending institutions fail. We can get you business funding regardless of credit or previous payment history. If you need to get your cash within 5-10 days, EZ Business Funding is one of the few sources available to help. In the current economy, banks are not lending as they have in the past. Despite this unfair restriction on American businesses today, many businesses now have the freedom of getting funding through a business cash advance. Our clients are able to keep running their business successfully because of the funds and peace of mind provided by EZ Business Funding.

Here at EZ Business Funding, our lenders can provide business owners with finance options and the money you need for start-up costs, purchase and repair of equipment, expansion planning, leasing of equipment, tax payoff, unforeseen emergencies, debt help, or any of your cash management needs. And unlike a traditional bank or the SBA, we can give you immediate access financing with no personal collateral or strict remittance.

Think of us as your alternative bank; unconventional lenders that don’t worry about less than perfect credit when we help you to getting funding you need. Men and women in every business imaginable qualify for the finance program at EZ Business Funding, often with no limitations on the monies that we can provide for your use. Your future credit card sales are your quick path to helping with all of your finance and budget needs.

EZ Business Funding is a Business Cash Advance provider. Our company of Small Business Loan Lenders provide businesses with a Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Loans so they can maintain Business Working Capital.

Putting business cash in the hands of business owners is what we do at EZ Business Funding. We are the bank alternative for small and mid-sized companies that need business working capital or short-term business cash advances for any purpose.

Submit an application today or contact one of our resourceful reps at (800) 997-2481 and they can assist you with evaluating which one of our funding program best fits your needs.