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At EZ Business Funding we are small business loan lenders and one of the top business cash advance companies and working capital companies operating in the small to mid-sized financing industry today.


The founders of EZ Business Funding are experienced financial professionals with distinct backgrounds in building and running successful businesses. Through our experiences and understanding of the obstacles facing modern small business firms when applying for loans or any other unsecured money advances, we have created a business loan alternative that focuses on many of the issues and burdens associated with a traditional bank loan.

More Financial Experience Than Other

 Business Cash Advance & Working Capital Companies

We provide the industry’s best alternative to a small business loan. Combining our total experience, we reviewed all available financing options out in the market today and created the Business Cash Advance service; a fast, reliable, and effective borrowing program that offers business owners a streamlined application process, the highest range of merchant acceptability and the highest cash advance amounts available


EZ Business Funding understands the small business owner today needs to have access to available cash to stay in front of the competition. Unlike regular bank loans, that may require strict lending guidelines and approval process, our service is very simple and efficient. We constantly strive to provide our clients with top notch customer service and support for our client’s needs.


We are an established, trusted leader in the non-traditional finance industry. When you get to the point in your business when you say, “How do I get start-up funding?” or when the SBA makes getting loans nearly impossible, EZ Business Funding is the answer to your financing questions.


EZ Business Funding appreciates the opportunity to assist you. It is our mission to be the leading providers of working capital for you and your successful business.


When it comes to business advance companies and working capital companies for the small and mid-sized business owner, EZ Business Funding is the industry leader. We are small business loan lenders that make financing for all your cash flow and cash management needs quick, easy, and at your disposal when you need it.

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